Month: January 2020

Taking a personal loan to make ends meet is arguably not wise. Because the personal loan is certain to add debt so that it makes you more difficult when replacing it. Especially if you take a personal loan for needs such as vacations, buying a car, or getting married, then this is not recommended.

But in reality, there are still many people who take personal loans to make ends meet. They consider that taking a personal loan for needs is a natural thing. Especially if you really want something, such as a car.

Even if you really want to buy a car, there are institutions that offer car loans but with low interest and easy terms. This is of course lighter than having to take a personal loan to buy a car. But there are still many who do not know it, so they prefer to take personal loans. Are you one of them?


Involved in Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Do you know what debt consolidation is? this is a situation where a combination of several small loans forms one large-value loan. With this debt consolidation, you who have multiple debts at once can combine them into larger loans. The purpose of debt consolidation is to ease the bank interest paid when making installments.

In addition to being able to get lower interest rates, you can also be more comfortable when paying debts because you only have one loan. So every month only need to do one transaction. No need to make transactions many times which will also cost.

In conditions of debt consolidation this is the right time to apply for a loan. Because usually, the more the loan amount, the lower the loan costs or interest rates. So, if you have multiple debts at once, you can use a personal loan to consolidate debt so that the interest paid can be lighter.

Even so, debt consolidation is not the right solution for a healthy financial pattern. Debt consolidation only helps to merge debt into one lump-sum. If the monthly payments that you make under a debt consolidation loan will appear more. This is because the tenor or loan term is longer, which means the interest paid is also greater than before.


Paying Credit Card Bills

Credit Card Bills

You can take out a personal loan if your credit card bill is nearing the limit and there is no other way to make payments. Even though interest rates remain on personal loans, they are cheaper if you have to let interest and credit card fines pile up.

Because the credit card has a different interest system with a personal loan if it does not pay off each month so that the interest can be more. You will be inconvenienced because the bill does not pay off even though you have paid credit card bills every month.

Especially if you want to immediately use a credit card while the billing problem is not over, taking a personal loan can be a good solution. But if you pay off your bills with a personal loan, you need to start controlling the use of credit cards. Do not let the same thing happen again because not necessarily the next can get a personal loan easily.



Emergency loan

In an emergency, you actually have to have a reserve fund so that the finances don’t get worse. However, if there are not enough reserve funds available, you can take a personal loan to make ends meet. Some emergencies include car repairs, hospital costs, or home renovation costs.

You can take out a personal loan because it is an emergency that cannot be delayed anymore. You may not have to wait to have money in advance to pay for all hospital treatment costs or buy prescription drugs. Moreover, if you are in critical condition and need help as soon as possible then there is no best way except to make a personal loan.

A personal loan process that doesn’t take long can also help you get funds quickly. So that emergencies can be overcome even though financial conditions are in an unstable state.


Make a Personal Loan Only in Certain Conditions

Personal Loan Only in Certain Conditions

Personal loans are one thing that can make Lite Lenders financial condition worse, especially if done in conditions that are not right. But on the contrary, personal loans can help financially under certain conditions. So make sure to only make personal loans under three conditions namely an emergency, to pay credit card bills, and debt consolidation.

Credit cards are now a necessity for many people. It’s no longer just a meaningless lifestyle. That’s because the benefits of credit cards make it easier for someone in financial transactions.

As credit cards ground, issuing banks are increasingly innovating. One of them is adding a credit card filing channel. Of all of which are only offline or conventional, now it has penetrated online.

As long as the customer is connected to the internet network, credit card applications can be done anytime and anywhere. No need to bother coming directly to the bank, so it saves time and costs.

In practice, offline credit card applications are still in demand by customers. The reason is that it is clearer. No more confusion because it will be directly served by customer service.

Actually, whatever method of credit card submission is chosen, it is your right. The bank only provides facilities. Want to go online, offline can be served. The following credit card submission methods that you can choose from include:

Come directly to the bank

Come directly to the bank

Many people or customers still entrust offline channels, such as coming directly to the bank to get financial services. For example, saving, withdrawing money, transferring and applying for a credit card.

Of course, there are pluses and minuses. The advantages of applying for a credit card directly to the bank, you as a customer will know in detail the information and features of the credit card clearly directly from the clerk, such as credit card limits obtained, the tenor or due payment of bills, interest rates, and others.

The drawback, of course, a lot of time, energy, and cost wasted. For example, to pay transportation costs to the bank, long lines to get services, and others.

Before coming to the bank to apply for a credit card, make sure you prepare the required documents, such as a photocopy of your KTP, NPWP, and salary slip. Then come to the nearest branch bank, then fill out the credit card recognition form and submit the requirements. Then just wait for the verification process from the bank.

Through credit card marketing

Credit card applications can also be done through the issuing bank’s marketing staff or staff. This method is better than coming directly to the bank because without a queue. It’s just that you need to contact one of the trusted credit card marketing.

Submit a photocopy of KTP, NPWP, and salary slip. Watch out, don’t get in the wrong contact with a fake credit card marketing. Your personal data might be misused or sold. Submitting a credit card through marketing must also complete the credit card application form completely.

If you’re lucky, you don’t need to bother sending the required documents to the marketing. Because marketing will come directly to your office or home to retrieve your credit card application documents.

By email   


Don’t want to bother? Just send it via email. Previously, download or download the credit card application form online. Usually on the issuing bank’s website. Then attach the required forms and documents to the online credit card application email.

Practical is not it? All you need to remember behind its simplicity, the process of submitting a credit card via email can take a long time because your application may not be immediately responded to by the officer.

Via Online

Want to try something easier, submit a credit card online. Currently, the issuing bank has ventured into online channels to answer customer needs, including millennial generation. Online credit card applications can be made on the issuing bank’s website.

Usually, on the official website, you can see and compare several credit card products issued by banks. Then if interested, there is access to apply or submit online. Just click, then the credit card application form will come out. Fill in completely and correctly, then send.

Don’t forget to attach the necessary requirements. In the case of applying for an online credit card, it means that you have to move your KTP, NPWP, and salary slip documents from hardcopy to softcopy by scanning or taking photos. Then upload when submitting online.

Make sure in applying for an online credit card, you access the official bank’s website or website. Not the bully to avoid fraud.

Through fintech


One more way to apply for a credit card that is popular now is through financial technology companies or fintech. Usually, fintech cooperates with several credit card issuing banks in offering their products.

So on the fintech application or website, you can see and compare a number of credit card products issued by several banks. So it is not only the output of one bank. That way, you can choose which credit card product that suits your needs and financial capabilities.

One of them at Good Credit. Financial product marketplace that offers credit card products from a number of issuing banks. Just search, choose according to your needs and submit online submissions via the Good Credit website. Then your application will be processed immediately by the clerk in a short time.

Submit a Credit Card at the Right Time

Submitting a credit card should be done at the right time. Ie, when your finances are ready by having a permanent job, often transactions in the form of cashless or non-cash, often travel abroad.

Most importantly, apply for a credit card when your finances are stable or not being entangled in a pile of debt. Have a credit card must be ready with a debt bill. Now if your debt is more than 30% of a month’s salary, having a credit card will only add to your financial burden.